Swiss Luger Mod. 1929 in 7.65 Parabellum (30 Luger)

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Swiss Luger Model 1929  Cal: 7.65 x 21 mm 8+1 round
Shows some handling marks. Overall very good condition. Restricted
(Holster ($480.95) and ammo ($39.95) sold separately)

After testing, the Swiss Army adopted the Model 1900 on April 4, 1901 in 7.65x21mm caliber as its standard side arm, designated Pistole 1900. This model uses a 120 mm (4.7 in) barrel and incorporates a grip safety and leaf-type mainspring.

In 1929, Swiss authorities adopted an improved version of the Modell 1900 designated the Modell 06/29 with improved sights, trigger and a stronger toggle link. Manufactured entirely at Bern, Switzerland, the 06/29 pistol served the Swiss Army until well after the adoption of a new service pistol in 1948, and was still in limited service in the late 1960s.

瑞士卢格 Swiss Luger M1929.  口径:7.65 x 21mm, 8 + 1


经过测试,瑞士陆军于190144日采用了7.65x21mm口径的1900型作为标准服役手枪,称为“ Pistole 1900”。该型号使用120毫米(4.7英寸)枪管,并结合了握手安全制和叶子型主发条。

1929年,瑞士当局采用了Modell 1900的改进版本,命名为Modell 06/29,具有改进的瞄准器,扳机和更坚固的肘节连杆。 06/29手枪完全在瑞士Bern伯尔尼制造,直到1948年采用新的服役手枪后一直为瑞士军服役,直到1960年代后期仍处于有限服役状态。

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