About Us

 Since its inception in 1994 in British Columbia, Canada, Smart Lock Technology Inc. has been rooted in providing excellence in gun safety and accessories. Initially, the company solely produced and distributed Magloc products (US Patented Smart Gun Conversion System; Push Button Trigger Lock; Recoil control Thumb Rest, etc.) but has since expanded greatly.


In 1997, we expanded to provide training and licensing for a multitude of outdoor sporting activities including firearms safety, IPSC Black Badge training, hunting, pleasure craft operation, Canadian Red Cross First Aid and other specialty courses.  As of 2017, he had trained and graduated over 2,000 students just in the Canadian Firearms Safety Course alone. (For more info on training courses please visit www.godi.ca)


With so much expertise in firearms, it was a natural extension for Smart Lock Technology to branch into gun sales in 2015.  With our in-depth knowledge and years of hands-on training experiences we are now providing recommendations and retail sales on guns, hunting and shooting accessories at a very competitive price to our customers.


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From the Management Team

Smart Lock Technology Inc.